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Topeka Websites

Topeka Websites

Hi.  My name is Todd Davis, owner and manager of Topeka Websites.

Best Way Websites Authorized Licensee

I am an authorized licensee of Best Way Websites.  I acquired my license for our CMS and Website Design program in May of 2016.  Best Way Websites is not a franchise, it is a website marketing and management group comprised of licensees of the pajezy website generator and CMS, which markets primarily via the Best Way Websites brand.

What I Do

My primary role with the company is marketing and customer relations.  

I will be your initial contact and will keep in touch with you to make sure we are doing everything we can to help you succeed via online marketing for your small business.

What the Best Way Websites Office Does For Me

I employ the staff of Best Way Websites to do my development and client support.  When you call my toll free number, the call is answered by my BWW staff and recorded for quality assurance.  I am confident that they will take good care of you and provide "over the top" customer service for you.

I listen to all of the call recordings.  It is how I supervise my business.

My promise is that we (myself and the BWW support staff) will treat you well.  We will do our best to help you succeed.  We will always be honest and up-front with you.

What To Do If You Have Questions or Need Help

Call my support number: 877-202-1017, or complete my contact form here.

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